Lois O'Hara Brighton
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Lois O'Hara is an Artist / Designer from Brighton, UK.

She is fascinated by process. Her vibrant, diverse and creative practice takes in Printmaking, Design & Art Direction, Illustration, Site-specific Murals, Painting and Moving Image. There is a consistent thread running through her work. "I'm interested in capturing the fluidity of an image in motion," says Lois, and it's this sense of fluidity – combined with her love of process and bold colour combinations that makes her work so recognisable.

Lois’s visual narratives are playful and she has a very positive outlook on life, therefore her artwork is influential and powerful. Lois has also worked on many projects that raise awareness of social challenges. She recently designed and painted the UK’s 1st ever giant Basketball Art Court! > https://thespaces.com/lois-ohara-gives-a-brighton-basketball-court-a-kaleidoscopic-paint-job/

View Lois’s current and previous projects in WORK and keep up to date with her progress on INSTAGRAM!

Lois O'Hara Brighton

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