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Creating movement in design as a way of encouraging people to move their bodies & minds

Lois O’Hara is a multi-disciplinary Artist / Designer from Brighton, UK

In today’s world we are constantly distracted and our own flow through life gets broken and dis-jointed. Lois’s work puts people back into a state of flow. Her work is inspired by the fluidity of nature and the powerful effects it has on our well-being. 

By exploring movement in design, Lois believes that this is an effective way of encouraging people to ‘move’; whether that be physically or emotionally in their minds. She has a passion for transforming spaces and her unique colour combinations make her style so recognisable. Lois’s diverse and creative practice takes in large scale murals, design & art direction, interior design, public art and content creation. She also has extent experience in managing projects, delegating works and executing creativity to a high standard.

Lois’s visual narratives and patterns are playful because she has a positive outlook on life. She has transformed and renovated many spaces worldwide and partnered with some exciting brands. View Lois’s current and previous projects in work and keep up to date with her progress on Instagram @loisohara